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Cali-Tech represents a comprehensive selection of instrument manufacturers for measurement, control, alarms, calibration and recording. The measurements include temperature, flow, pressure, level, flame detection, current, voltage and position, and vibration.

We provide boiler control systems, flue & stack analyzers & monitors, draft indicators, flame detection, configurable process controllers, ignitors, monitoring, alarms, burner management systems and safety devices. We also offer a line of primary sensors, such as thermometers, RTDs, thermocouples, thermowells, pressure, flow, temperature, level and vibration switches, control valves, gauges, process safety control systems, safety PLC’s, rotary position transmitters, optical encoders and digital panel meters.

Our lines of test instruments and calibrators include precision digital multimeters for voltage, current, power, and resistance, sound, light and humidity, galvanic isolators, calibration standards and microprossor calibrators. We even have manometers.

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