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Pyromation offers a large variety of thermocouple components, thermocouple assemblies, temperature sensors, general purpose and sanitary connecting RTD's, temperature transmitters, connecting hardware and connecting heads and blocks, insulated thermocouple and extension wire, transmitters, selector switches, digital panel meters, sensor certification and instrument calibration.

Thermocouple Elements, Protection Tubes, Assemblies
Pyromation offers a large variety of thermocouple components and assemblies for use in high temperature heavy industrial process applications, including heat treating, forging, smelting, melting, utility and waste boilers, incineration, cogeneration, and other severe use processes.

Magnesium Oxide Insulated Thermocouple Assemblies
Pyromation offers a large variety of Magnesium Oxide insulated thermocouples, (MgO, used in a variety of process and laboratory applications, as their many desirable characteristics make them a good choice for general and special purpose use. They are available in all thermocouple element types, numerous sheath diameters and materials.

Temperature Sensors
Pyromation offers temperature sensors for the Plastics, Rubber and Packaging industries in standard and custom designs. These temperature sensors are provided with either thermocouple or RTD measuring elements and are typically supplied with fiberglass leads inside 304 stainless steel sheaths. All thermocouple and platinum RTD element assemblies are temperature rated up to 900F (482C) except type T thermocouples, which are rated up to 700F (371C). All other RTD assemblies are rated up to 400F (204C).

General Purpose RTD's
Pyromation's general purpose RTD temperature sensor assemblies find use in a multitude of process and HVAC applications. Assemblies are offered with a choice of element materials, values and accuracies, element leadwire configurations, and sheath materials and diameters. Many assemblies are supplied in drilled or flanged wells, and all assemblies can be supplied with Pyromation's low cost integral head mounted RTD transmitter.

CIP Sanitary Connecting RTD's
Pyromation's general purpose CIP sanitary connector RTD temperature sensors are used in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing applications where sensor corrosion and product contamination are critical factors. These sensors meet or exceed finish specifications set forth by the 3A Sanitary Council Standard #09-08.

RTD Temperature Transmitters
Pyromation's patented RTD transmitters are designed to produce a linearized 4-20 mAdc output current signal, directly proportional to the temperature of the RTD temperature sensing element. A variety of models are available for RTD sensor inputs of different element values and temperature coefficients.

Connecting Hardware, Heads and Blocks
Pyromation offers a large selection temperature sensor accessories such as quick disconnect plugs and jacks, multiple circuit jack panels and enclosures, sensor mounting fittings, compensated terminal blocks, bare thermocouple wire, ceramic insulators, and pyrometer lances and replacement lance tips. Also available are screw cover heads offered in five different metal alloy configurations and in two thermoplastic materials to provide excellent protection from the most severe corrosive process environments. These heads meet many requirements, including two UL1 listed explosion-proof offerings, and are designed to accept a choice of six different ceramic terminal blocks or our patented RTD transmitter.

Insulated Thermocouple and Extension Wire
Pyromation offers thermocouple grade and extension grade wire in several wire gauge sizes, in stranded and solid conductors, in standard or special limits of error, with a wide selection of insulation materials, and with a choice of metal overbraid materials.

Pyromation's Instrumentation, (Transmitters, Selector Switches and Digital Panel Meters) for temperature sensors and other process sensing devices allows you to select and transmit process variable signals, indicate process variable conditions, and provide process condition alarms when desired.

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