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Simpson Instruments offers Digital Panel Indicators and Counters, Phoenix PID Controllers, Analog Panel Meters, Rotary Optical Encoders and hand held Multimeters and Test Instruments.

Simpson Instruments

Simpson's Phoenix series PID controllers offer ease of use and full PID control for a variety of thermocouple, RTD, or linear input needs. The controller can function in the standard PID control mode or in the SMART tuning mode which will automatically adjust the PID constants based on changing load conditions. The controller family is capable of heat/cool control (dual output) or heating or cooling (single output) applications, or ON/OFF operation.

The S660 Counter Series consists of the S660 Preset Totalizer, the S661 Preset Rate, the S662 Preset Batch/Dual, the S663 Preset Rate/Totalizer, and the S664 Frequency Indicator. They can handle a broad range of rough industrial applications. Their modular design enables quick upgrades, and each model fits a 1/8 DIN cutout, perfect for tight spaces. A NEMA 4X/IP65 rated front bezel enables the counter to be used in wet and harsh environments.

Models S660, S661, S662, S663 have front panel programming using a large button, tactile feedback keypad that helps prevent keystroke errors. The programming menu is easily used and understood, using a drop down menu made of words. The S664 Frequency Counter has a 4 digit, 0.56" bright red display and four frequency measurement ranges (99.99Hz, 999.9Hz, 9.999KHz, 35KHz) for higher accuracy across the frequency input range. The counter is powered from 120 or 240 VAC and has a non-volatile EEPROM to retain all programming and count information when the power source is removed or interrupted. All counter models accept pulses from different types of sensors including Quadrature, CMOS or TTL circuits and PNP or NPN devices. The optional 12 VDC (100mA) excitation output module can provide power for external sensors.

Simpson Encoder

Simpson's SE series quadrature encoders are compatible with most electronic counters, programmable controllers and motor drives. The encoders generate accurate pulse outputs proportional to the shaft rotation for precise measurement, and provide many popular product features. Typical applications include speed control, robotics, machine tools, index tables, cut-to-length and position control systems. The cube style encoder is available in five different resolutions and can be equipped with measuring wheels, belts and pulleys, rack and pinions, flexible shaft couplings, etc. Mounting is quick and easy using the four pre-drilled holes in the base flange. Simpson's SE Encoder is interchangeable with most other brands of encoders.

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